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AWS News, September 2013, Page 2

Report from the September meeting

Kathie Shaw was our guest speaker at our Monday 9 September meeting. What a good choice! Kathie painted a portrait by first showing us how to start with the outline drawing of a head - how to place the eyes then the nose and mouth and finally the ears.

Her model was Chris Ashton our Treasurer - Kathie showed us several attempts she had completed earlier and very good likenesses they were! Kathie then got on to the task of painted Chris's likeness whilst we were all watching.

The painting progressed very well with Kathie explaining every brush stroke and the colours she was using. For example, Kathie preferred Cadmium Red Pale as a mixer for the flesh tones and recommended Cerulean Blue for areas of reflected light. These highlight are crucial for the effect. Unfortunately we ran out of time before she had completed the portrait and Kathie has promised to bring back the completed portrait to a later meeting.

Dennis Clark did the critique of the paintings. With his years of experience, he pointed out aspects of composition, how to spot and fix minor mistakes - if at all, and questions of color balance such as having warms and cools. There was an impressive turnout and Gavin highlighted how some of the members have improved remarkably.

Pictures from the September challenge with topic "Landscape with snow".