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AWS News, October 2016, Page 3

Chairman's column

New Zealand and New Zealand Art features prominently in the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. Right in the main hallway I was greeted by a Colin McCahon. In the other rooms, the new Zealand landscape was present in the works of world traveler Eugene von Guerard, his momumental Milford Sound panorama above to the left. Isn't it tempting to try a watercolour of these magnificent landscapes? Watercolour will reduce the complexity and can give a whole new view of the same motive. John Barr Clarke Hoyte did this also in the 19th century, above to the right; our modern perception can add different colour schemes or painting styles.

It is already time to give the first thoughts to the challenge topics for the next year. Suggestions are always welcome. The mix of more technical topics such as "A painting with strong darks" mixed with classical subjects such as "An Auckland landmark" seemed to work well this year. It is great to see so strong participation even with difficult topics involving people.

Thanks to all who put their name forward for minding the upcoming AWS Merit Award show. It is great that we have now always someone there who can advise visitors. We are all looking forward to the exhibition. Please pass on the poster linked on Page 1 in your networks.

Gerald Weber


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