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AWS News, October 2015, Page 3

Merit Award winners at this year's Exhibition

Arrowtown Autumn
by Jim White-Parsons

Lake Pearson - Canterbury
by Chris Ashton

Glen Murray View
by Claudia Slaney

Domestic Dispute
by Roy Boston

Sheep on the Way to Cape Foulwind
by Joanne Mortimore

Dancing Tigers
by Pauline Smith

Chairman's column

Our Annual Merit Award Show opened with an unprecedented 50 paintings. The judge and everyone I have spoken to was deeply impressed by the high standard of work shown in all of the entries. Congratulations to the winners of the prizes, Gailene Marsden (first prize), Kathie Shaw (second prize) and Ginette Wang (third prize) and the winners of the Merit Awards, Roy Boston, Claudia Slaney, Chris Ashton, Jim White Parsons, Joanne Mortimore and Pauline Smith. This is an outstanding collection of work.
Thanks to Joanne and Chris for the work on this exhibition, and thanks to all sponsors and supporters. Thanks also to Roy Boston for documenting all of the paintings in excellent quality. This makes our award exhibition a show on record, and we are intending to continue this in the upcoming years. I hear that the society is providing a welcome service for our members, and while we can always improve, this is good to hear.
Just a reminder of Joanne's call to all members to make proposals especially for the challenge topics, preferrably up to the general meeting. In keeping with previous years, we will gather feedback on them and finalize the list afterwards. Also input to all other areas of the meetings and the society in general are very welcome: Are there topics that should be addressed at meetings or in workshops? See you at the November meeting, and enjoy your painting!

Gerald Weber


Contact Information for the Society

The main contact method is by email:
Joanne Mortimore

Officers and Committees 2015

Dennis Clark


Gerald Weber
Joanne Mortimore
Chris Ashton


Management committee:
Gerald Weber, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Meetings committee:
Kathie Shaw, Pat Rainsford, Tom Stout, Dennis Clark, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
Exhibition and workshops committees:
Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Gerald Weber

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