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AWS News, October 2014, Page 2

Report from the October meeting

We had a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon at our Monday 13th October meeting. Apart from the challenge (cobwebs on broken glass) - the photos of which may be seen in the newsletter we watched a 10 minute dvd of Josef Zubicvic (?) painting figures. With only one or two strokes and using thick(ish) paint he created figures which could be quite plainly seen to be walking . riding a bicycle and running. With an additional stroke or two the figures became children and with yet another stroke of the brush even younger. Really inspiring - made one want to get painting and do the same...whether with quite the ease and ability as Josef Zubicvic is another matter. We will be watching the rest of the DVD at a later date.

Next came an exercise with Gavin using one or two colours only and gradated colour fading to nothing down the page and and another colour fading to nothing up the page. Once dry, across the horizen draw a simplified outline of Auckland 's skyline including the Sky Tower then paint that using a dark colour lastly paint in a few strokes of red in strategic places and perhaps a little blue here and there. Then finally the reflections and hey presto? Quite a creditable painting...Gavin remarked" it would be interesting to see the same painters painting the same scene one year hence...."

The next meeting will be our Annual General Meeting and election of officers. This meeting will be held on Monday 17th November 2014 commencing at 1pm. We are changing the day of the meeting to accommodate that our usual meeting date 10th November will also be the judging day and opening night of our Members show at the Library

The AGM meeting will be held in the small hall at Glenfield as the main hall will be in use by Probus. There is plenty of room for us and after the AGM Chris Ashton will be talking about and demonstrating the art of painting botanically..Chris wants members to try their hand at it as well so bring some paper and your paints and give it a go..."

Pictures from the October challenge with topic "Window with broken glass and cobwebs".