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AWS News, October 2013, Page 3

Workshop with Bernadette Parsons

Twelve AWS members spent an enjoyable informative day with a splendid tutor who gave her help and encouragement unstintingly to all. In the morning (to loossen us up) we worked on a still life consisting of poppies, bowl and pears. Bernadette demonstrated a free expressive style using a Mop brush and recommended we do the same as this helps to prevent too much concentration on detail in the beginning stages. The palette consisted of French Ultamarine, Raw Sienna, Burnt sienna, Cobalt, Alizarin, Cadmium Red, Cadmium yellow. Starting with a wash of Raw Sienna and then gradually building up the tonal values with warm and cool colours and allowing them to mix on on the page, sparkling pictures began to emerge. The composition was in an L shape with the centre of interest to one side, giving the viewers eye somewhere to rest on the blank area.
A smaller than In the afternoon we worked on a landscape of Whitechapel Road in Arrowtown on a half sheet rectangular format, used vertically. Once again Mop brushes were used to cover the surface quickly. A mix of French Ultra, Burnt Sienna and Alizarin made a wonderful atmospheric mix for the mountain. The composition featured a high horizon with the focal point quarter way up the page. Bernadette demonstrated magic brushwork on the trees using the mop brush which fairly danced over the paper. At the end of the day Bernadette gave a critique of all our work encouraging, informative and we left enthused and uplifted by the great day.

Kathie Shaw

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We will report on the November meeting, and Kathie's protrait from the last meeting will be featured.