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AWS News, October 2013, Page 2

Report from the October meeting

A smaller than usual group of members attended the October meeting. Nevertheless it was educational and interesting. The Challenge was "still life" with bric-a-brac rather than flowers etc. A wide variety of paintings were presented and Dennis Clark obviously enjoyed his critique session. He commented that the overall standard of paintings has risen during the past year as members treat the challenge as a worthwhile endeavour.

Chairman Gavin introduced a short session on "pencils". The discussion that followed showed that there is a lot more to the choice of a pencil for a particular painting. This discussion was prompted by an excellent article in Artists Monthly and the choice of pencils (calligraphic or mechanical) now available.

Our chair and speaker at the October meeting was Award winner Joanne Mortimore. Joanne gave a demonstration of how to achieve a worthy painting in 30 minutes using a limited palette (4 colours) yet obtaining a huge variety of hues. A masterly showcase of minimalist watercolour painting. One brush stroke - finish !! Thanks Joanne, greatly appreciated.

Pictures from the October challenge with topic "Still life".