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AWS News, November 2015, Page 3

Chairman's column

We had a very good showing at the annual general meeting. I would like to thank our outgoing president, Dennis Clark. Dennis has of course always been a great contributor to the society, and he shared a lot of his ample experience with us in this role. Likewise I would like to thank our new President, Ken Garret for taking on this role! Jacquie Morris is helping this year with publicity, many thanks for volunteering for this important task! And of course I would like to thank all the officers and committee members for continuing the good work.

Next year we have an ambitious programme with three planned exhibitions on our own. A lot of opportunity to show the whole range of watercolour. I hope the holiday break will give you lots of subjects, time and motivation to work towards that!

The video of Hazel Soan that we saw in the last meeting touched one rather subtle aspect: How rewarding it can be to work without an underdrawing. It changes the thinking and the technique. It lends itself to layered washes and glazes: basic washes to define rough shapes and further layers to add accents. And it can be a great help in loosening up!

See you at the next members meeting! We are of course still looking for proposals by members what we can add to our offerings in the meetings next year; it would be good if you send an email to Joanne ( or me ( before the meeting if there is something that comes to mind.

Happy painting!

Gerald Weber


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