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AWS News, November 2014, Page 3

AWS Merit Award Show 2014 main prizes

New Watercolour Paints

It's not often that a major change is made to a category of artists' colour. We've just launched the latest in watercolour from Golden Paints: QoR Modern Watercolour, which radically changes the traditional binder for a new type. The result is different from traditional watercolour, so worth trying it out to see if it liberates or confounds your style. The emphasis is on Modern, and follows the trend in art making towards thinner and thinner colour. Acrylic colour used to be available only as a paste in a tube or tub. Golden and Schmincke then offered a fluid version - not dilute but a concentrated creamy consistency well suited to large area painting, detail, and staining effects. Both companies then offered a liquid acrylic, and this has become one of the most popular paint types: Aerocolor from Schmincke and High Flow from Golden can be used like a brilliant ink or added to gels to form a paste. Now with super-saturated watercolours, the move to more free-flowing colour has reached its most aqueous! Both of these brands are available from Studio Art Supplies or Gordon Harris.

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