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AWS News, November 2013, Page 3

Report on the 2013 Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on November 11 just before our usual monthly meeting.

Chairman Gavin chaired the meeting presented his annual report.

Treasurer Chris Ashton noted that the full year has not yet finished but she expected the financial position of the Society to be very close to what it opend at with approximately $1600 in the account.. She noted that we lose money on Exhibitions and win a bit on workshops.

The outcome of the election is listed to the right.

That the Society creates a new official position: that of President. This would be an honorary position elected at each AGM. The position would be held for one year but the incumbent maybe reelected for more than one year. At the next monthly meeting of the Society Brain Millard will be nominated to fulfil this position for the next year (2014).

We all look forward to the next year with unbounded enthusiasm.

PS: At a meeting of the management committee it was decided that the membership subscription for the 2014 calendar year will remain at $20.

Kathie Shaw

Portrait of Chris Ashton

Already at the October meeting, Kathie presented the completed portrait of Chris Ashton.

Elections on the AGM

The following members were elected to the following positions.
Gavin Fletcher (
Joanne Mortimore (
Chris Ashton (
Management committee:
Gavin Fletcher, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Meetings committee:
Gavin Fletcher, Kathy Shaw, Pat Rainsford, Tom Stout, Dennis Clark, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
Exhibition and workshops committees:
Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Gerald Weber (,
Doug Higham (
(person to be confirmed)