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AWS News, November 2013, Page 2

Report from the November meeting

Speaker of the November meeting was Roy Boston, who gave a talk on "The ideas and words of Ed Whitney". Roy summarized his points succinctly in the following sets of slides:

A quick summary of Ed Whitney's ideas

  • Invent Symbols to express the Essence of a painting
  • Design Shapes first - fitting nature or objects into them
  • Your paintings must be an interesting unit - Variety in context and action and in the design elements creates this interest
  • A Dominance in idea or action and in each of the design elements - line, value, colour, texture, shape, size and direction - creates unity

Variety of elements disciplined by a dominance of -

  • Lines curved and straight but one dominant
  • Direction horizontal, vertical and oblique but one dominant
  • Sizes may be small or large but one size dominant
  • Shapes curved and angular but one shape dominant
  • Values dark, mid tone and light but one tone dominant.
  • Colours of different values, intensities and hues but one hue dominant
  • Rhythm should be contrived by a variety in the intervals between elements - There must be major intervals and lesser intervals with one major interval stronger, dominating other intervals.

Pictures from the November challenge with topic "Roses".