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AWS News, May 2014, Page 2

Report from the May meeting

Claudia Slaney was the guest speaker/critquer and demonstrator at our May meeting on 12th May 2014. Claudia spoke about her early days painting and the colours she uses. Claudia painted a view of Franklin Road showing the Sky Tower - one of her favourite views and a view she has painted several times.

Claudia used a free loose style and her brushwork was amazing in the method of pushing strokes upwards to make the ragged contours of foliage. The use of the spray bottle softened edges. A scribbled shadow a the base of the image received a burst of spray and became a gentle shadow. Windsor and Newton watercolour pans are Claudia's preference when painting. The blocks of paint are large, set in porcelain and allow a large brush to pick up colour freely.Her paper was Saunders 300gsm, rough. The brushes she used were large Hake, Mop and a small rigger for finer details. The picture when finished was impressionistic in style and much applauded by the group.

Claudia also gave her critique of the members response to the months challenge. At the May meeting, there were five examples of brave artists who tried their best at a 'young girl reflected in a mirror' and good tries they were. Let us hope there is better number response to the next June challenge, "Fantastic Bird in exotic colours" Wow! one could really create with this topic, let the precious jewel of your imagination GO.

The next meeting will be on Monday 9th June at 1pm at the Glenfield Hall. Kathie Shaw will be our critiquer.

Joanne Mortimore will speak about painting from a photograph and will give a short demonstration. Joanne will also be talking about “framing a painting” and will frame a painting as we watch.

Do join us if you can.

Pictures from the May challenge with topic "Reflection of a girl/model in a mirror".