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AWS News, March 2017, Page 3

Chairman's column

The web is a great tool for artists of all schools. Such an easy way to communicate, to exchange news and to show the great art that is created every day. And the world wide community of artists should be credited for making such constructive use of it.

I think we can share a bit more often links to the great artists that we can find on the web from all over the world. I recently came again across the works of Maria Ginzburg. Maria achieves outstanding wet-in-wet effects in her delicate paintings. Many of the works show to me an exemplary use of reserved white, sometimes as borders between the fluid colours. The site is in Swedish, but the language of art we all understand.

To me the works of Eugen Chisnicean seem sometimes to straddle the border between abstract and figurative. His distinct style often contains a lively dialogue between straight lines and large open surfaces.

If you were impressed by an artist on the web, please feel free to send me a link!

Gerald Weber


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