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AWS News, March 2015, Page 3

Chairman's column

The Society is off to a flying start this year. We have had one workshop already and on Saturday 28th March we will have an extensive display at the Lake House open day. Then in April we welcome Richard Thompson, director and auctioneer at the International Art Centre at our April 13 meeting. Richard will talk about New Zealand's rich record of historical watercolour painters.
The management committee is asking members their opinion on whether the Society should purchase up to 10 exhibition display boards similar to those owned by the Eastern Suburbs art group. We have had a poor response to the emails that we have sent out to our professional members. We are still waiting for responses. Tim Felton's workshops have been well attended. There are no better tutors than the ones that he has lined up this year. We wish him every success (go to Jacky Pearson's AWS workshop was an outstanding success. Kathie Shaw said it was the best workshop that the Society had organised. We had a wonderful day painting "a man in a boat". Thank you Jacky! We look forward to another workshop with her next year. It is not too late to subscribe for active membership. Please send your $20 to Joanne or Chris asap. Cheers and enjoy your painting while the weather holds.

Gavin Fletcher


Ginette Wang: The Art of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Eight people attended Ginette Wang's demonstration of the Art of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Saturday morning 21st March at the Mairangi Arts centre and what an art it is ... centuries old techniques the thinnest of paper, only one or two colours (mainly black) and Ginette turned out two exquisite works. One drawn and painted in the traditional way was of a lotus flower with leaves and seed boxes the other was of delicately figured birds and blossom from Ginette's imagination. The paper isn't anchored and Ginette was able to move it around as she needed to ... Not too much water was used - ( if too much were to be used the paper would just dissolve I am sure.) Ginette used her brush as a pencil and the result was just delightful and showed us all what could be achieved with a few brush strokes and centuries of experience handed down to present day scholars. -JM

Impressions from the Artist in Eden day

Claudia Slaney has written a great piece on this year's 'Artists in Eden' day, a long standing art event, Have a look at Claudia's blog post


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