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AWS News, March 2014, Page 2

Chairman's Column

I was reading books on the old masters over the holiday break and could not help being overawed by the complex issues that they had to overcome to paint a large picture. Today we are so lucky that in Auckland we have several retailers of very versatile art materials all of which are of an extremely high standard ... not to mention the internet with boundless opportunities. There are no excuses not to produce high quality art . And indeed that is what we saw at our February meeting. The challenge of "a beach scene" produced a huge variety of paintings none of which were the stereotype of families on the beach with swimmers etc etc. Well done all!

I really recommend Tim Felton's initiative in bringing the top Australian watercolour teachers as well as our own Jaquie Pearson (from Wellington)for week long workshops at Silverdale. Highest recommendations as I know some of the teachers and the others by reputation. Details appear elsewhere on our web site.

Congratulations too to Amanda Brett who is organising her first painting holiday to Italy. Please support her as these ventures are never easy to undertake. Details elsewhere on our web site.

Well, up with the easel, there's another challenge to paint.this time it's "tall ships" for the April meeting and several for the upcoming exhibition at the Takapuna Library.

Gavin Fletcher (

Pictures from the March challenge with topic "Beach Scene".