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AWS News, June 2017, Page 3

Chairman's column

I would like to thank all those who donate to the society, in cash and in kind. Gordon Harris is making a considerable donation to our Merit Award show. Many thanks to Roy Boston, for not only offering his extraordinary painting to go on our flyers, but also donating the proceeds of the painting sale to the society. Thanks also to Chris Ashton for donating the new painting raffled at the AWS Open Show, and for leading the contribution of cards for our desk sale, a welcome bonus for our society. Likewise, our president Kathie Shaw has created so many lovely and unique card designs - thanks so much!

A special thanks to all those volunteers helping in the society activities and helping as minders at our exhibition. We are indebted to the whole Takapuna Library team and Jacquie Morris, who continue supporting us while having to work hard to keep this great community centre going! We try to do our best to give back - by donating part of the sale price to charities, this year the hospice in Takapuna; we thank the dedicated staff for making time to come along for our opening.

And finally a great thank you to all our members who keep creating all these inspired paintings. Looking at the challenge submissions, and looking at the exhibitions, it is wonderful to see all that great art!

Gerald Weber


Contact Information for the Society

email: Joanne Mortimore


Kathie Shaw
Gerald Weber
Joanne Mortimore
Chris Ashton


Management committee:
Kathie Shaw, Gerald Weber, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
Meetings committee:
Pat Rainsford, Tom Stout, Ginette Wang, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis
Exhibition and workshops committees:
Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton
Gerald Weber

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