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AWS News, July 2014, Page 3

Chairman's Column

I have just returned from a visit to Europe and while there I took the opportunity to visit several galleries and museums as well take over 1500 photos (most with a potential painting in mind). There is no doubt that the watercolour paintings created by members of our Society are world class. I also conclude that the subject matter, compositions and choice of colours that we use are outstanding at whatever level of competence we are comparing. However they do have a large range of papers and colours to use. Perhaps we could be a bit more adventurous in those areas.

I visited an exhibition in Como , northern Italy .The painters were similar in age and competence to our members from professional to beginners. It was heartening to see their standards are no better than ours. So keep up your efforts.

I am meeting with Caroline Judge to see if we can put together another group of "south of the bridge" watercolourists . If you are interested in joining us please email me.

Like you, I now have to relook at my front door from a painting perspective. See you in August

Gavin Fletcher