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AWS News, February 2015, Page 3


News on Yellow Pigments

Unfortunately Winsor & Newton changed recently the composition of their popular New Gamboge, possibly because of supply issues with the pigment. The old recipe was using a single pigment: Nickel Dioxine Yellow (PY 153). The new paint is a mixture of two pigments, Nickel Azomethine Yellow (PY 150) and Quinacridone Red (PR 209). At the February meeting this was a good opportunity to have a closer look at this mysterious yellow pigment alone: Nickel Azomethine (PY 150) is available from many brands as a single-pigment paint (Winsor & Newton, Schmincke, Da Vinci, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, QOR, to name a few), frequently under names such as "Transparent Yellow" or "Nickel Azo Yellow". It is indeed the most transparent yellow currently available. The concentrated PY 150 is as dark as a Raw Umber, but it dilutes to a medium saturated yellow rivalling the old New Gamboge, just slighly greener. It is the sibling of the similarly popular Green Gold pigment (Copper Azomethine, PY 129) which is greener yet, and a bit less saturated. Nickel Azo Yellow is now also the yellow component used in many paint mixtures from greens to oranges, for example in many paints labelled as Quinacridone Gold; they are mostly not based on the classic Quinacridone Gold pigment (PO 49) any more. PY 150 mixes excellent sap greens with many blues and a bit of Burnt Sienna. In short, PY 150 is a very versatile pigment, pure as well as in mixtures.

The original single-pigment paints New Gamboge (PY 153) and Quinacridone Gold (that is PO 49, different from the more orange PO 48) are still available from Daniel Smith. Original PO 49 has noticeably higher tinting strength than mixtures that can replace it. Rumour has it that these two pigments, PY 153 and PO 49, are not produced any more; in that case Daniel Smith seems to have an amazing amount of leftovers, since they are still offering it. -gw

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