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AWS News, August 2017, Page 3

Chairman's column

I am again very pleased with the July outcome of our challenge, and I heard the same from a number of commenters. It is really a great inspiration to think about a topic, come up with something very personal and then to see in how many other ways the subject could have been interpreted. And then there were bold compositions, great perspectives and gorgeous colour schemes in last month's challenge entries.

With all the wonderful art we have seen during the year I am really looking forward to our Merit award show. Pick your best two works for our annual judged exhibition, which opens in about two months. Please share our flyer with your contacts. Thanks to Wendy Webb for providing the stunning painting for this flyer. The charity that we support this time is the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. Last time we were able to send $710 to the hospice in Takapuna; this is such a great way to thank the community that supports us.

Gerald Weber


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Kathie Shaw
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Kathie Shaw, Gerald Weber, Joanne Mortimore, Chris Ashton, Roy Boston, Sheryl Davis, Ginette Wang
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