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AWS News, March 2016, Page 3

Chairman's column

Shirley Jones has written us a very interesting report about the recent Greg Allen Painting tour with Travelrite International; you see some impressions from the trip on this page. There was a lot of painting done in different locations, and tutoring as well of course. Please access the article here. This is a great way to document such an exciting and eventful travel, and I am sure it will capture the imagination of many of us. I warmly recommend to send through any experiences you have and we do our best to accommodate them.

I think many of us share the experience that the artist's eye can capture things that the camera does not see or can not reproduce. It is great to see so many plein air activities, but there are even more possibilities to note down our subjective experience of a scene. Jacky Pearson recently pointed me to a blog in the Netherlands, where Jacky gave a presentation on thumbnailing, making effective small sketches. You can find the video here.

It was good to see so many contributions of our members at the Royal Easter Show, and the many prizes won by watercolours are a great success for the winning artists, but also a sign of the great appreciation that our artform receives. I wish all of you exciting times at the upcoming events.

Gerald Weber


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